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Huskey heads to the Netherlands to represent the USA

Amsterdam, Netherlands. (June 2015) - Matzuo America pro staff director Marianne Huskey feels well-prepared to take on the world at the annual World Predator Classic beginning on June 24 in Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands. And one of the secrets to her confidence comes from an unlikely source; the success of Matzuo baits with American predator fish, particularly walleye.

"The fish we're targeting in Europe are zander and pike," Huskey explains, "and they are species that are close cousins to walleye in America. We've shown that Matzuo rigs and baits are absolute killers when it comes to landing walleye. I've had tremendous success using Matzuo baits in walleye tournaments, and just last month Matzuo pro staffer Bill Sutton won a major walleye tour event with the Matzuo Rip-N Roll rig and Matzuo Sickle hooks. Given the similarity between walleye and the predator species in Europe, I really feel like these baits, hooks and rigs will give me an edge in the WPC Tournament. I think we've got a great shot at winning!"

Huskey is the leader of one of only two American teams competing in the WPC tournament. Her credentials as a top notch walleye angler, she won the prestigious AIM Angler of the Year award in 2012, and has been a consistent tournament threat for almost 5 years, garnered her an invitation for the event. Huskey will partner with Matzuo pro staffer Terry Hansen in this 3-day event, which will pit them against more than 60 other teams representing 15 countries in catching the greatest combined length of fish over the duration of the event. These competitors, from France to Russia, England to Germany, will provide stiff competition, but Huskey is up to the challenge. "It's an amazing opportunity to compete on behalf of the U.S., on a world stage like this," she said. "I'm excited to compete, to expand my skill set by targeting European species, and prove that what we've learned about catching predator fish in the U.S. can apply perfectly in Europe and elsewhere."

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First Ever Female Angler Of The Year

On Sunday, August 19, Marianne Huskey made professional fishing history when she won the Anglers Insight Marketing Angler of the Year award.  This marked the first time in the history of major professional fishing tournament circuits that a female angler has won an Angler of the Year award.
The Angler of the Year award goes to the angler who amasses the most points over the course of a season. Huskey edged out Wisconsin’s Robert Blosser and Illinois’ Scott Duncan in a race that came down to the last day of the last event of the season. Huskey said, “I always say, ‘It’s not what is on the other side. It’s the climb.’ I’ve been on the climb for four years and I’m not at the top just yet, but this sure feels good.”
This year‘s AIM tournaments traveled to Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Lake Erie in Lorain, Ohio, Lake Michigan’s Green Bay at Oconto, Wisconsin, and Lake of the Woods at Baudette, Minnesota.
Marianne Huskey made history at the Lake Superior event when she finished in second place, the highest finish ever in a major professional fishing tournament by a female angler. Wisconsin’s Huskey has been an AIM professional angler since the circuit was founded in 2009, fishing in every event the circuit has held. She has also fished on the FLW National Guard Walleye Circuit.
In 2011, Huskey was awarded the Dave Anderson Sportsman of the Year Award by a vote of over 100 of her peers. The award is given to the angler who has done the most to promote the sport of fishing and has portrayed the best example of professionalism in competitive fishing. Huskey is known for her passion for and involvement in charity, youth and educational events through organizations like VFW, Christmas for the Children, The Make a Wish Foundation, Fishing Has No Boundaries, Walleyes for Tomorrow, and the NPAA Youth Clinics.
Huskey’s sponsors include Lund Boats, Mercury Motors, Off Shore Tackle, Abu Garcia, Optima Batteries, Garmin, Frabill, Plano, Mr. Outboards Marine, Cisco Mounting Systems and Costa.

Huskey makes history as the highest placing Lady Pro Angler!

Anglers Insight Marketing
Published June 2, 2012
The wind howled, temperatures stalled in the just plain cold region, and rain blew sideways all day today, dampening everything but the attitudes of the Pros and Cos fishing AIM Bay Mills Casino Can Am Challenge. Regardless of success, the anglers truly enjoyed the event.

Marianne Huskey watched as Scott Duncan weighed in, knowing she probably was a little bit short on weight despite her five fish CRR count to Scott's four, and not quite 2# cushion. As the weights were read off one by one, it was evident Scott's average of about 20" against Marianne's average of under 17" was enough to take the win and a plate of $100 bills equaling $40,000.00.

Lund Boats, one of the original AIM sponsors and strong supporter of tournament angling, offers a $6000.00 Anglers Insight Marketing Tournament contingency for the win, so Scott's total purse was $46,000.00. This was Scott's first Major win, and Marianne's best fact, the best finish by a Lady Pro Angler ever in any Major Walleye event.

Lund/Mercury Pros Scott and Marianne were fishing the Horse Shoe, pulling Rapala Husky Jerks just above the weeds. The crankbaits were the rattling model, and Scott, Marianne, Mike Gofron, and Mark Brumbaugh employed the tactic to nearly sweep the event for team Lund, taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and fifth.


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